VKosmetik is a brand inspired by Varda Étienne, her life, her personality, her passions and all that makes her who she is today.

VARDA ÉTIENNE is a public figure in Quebec who is known for her strong character and intensity: A person who is certainly not afraid to display "her colors" and whose background and history will mark the product in all of its facets.

VICKIE JOSEPH is a businesswoman in the fashion industry, whose open-mindedness, rigour, dedication and drive make her the ideal partner for this exciting adventure.

It is the explosive mix of these two women, guided by their creativity, determination and a taint of madness, that will allow Vkosmetik to see the light of day.



Position ourselves as the brand of all shades.
VKosmetik intends to reach all those who make up this colorful mix that represents its target audience: this evolving clientele always in search of identity and self-recognition, the one that characterizes society, today’s world.



VKosmetik's ambition is the constant valorization of each individual's authenticity through quality products with diversified and meticulously selected shades. The objective is to respond to this constant and growing need of its clientele to stand out by having in hands all the means  and colors to develop and express fully and without restraint all facets of their personality. Diversity Rocks!

VKosmetik aims to help build self-esteem through its messages, campaigns and strength of character highlighted by the choice and diversity of its colors.

To be "crazy beautiful" is synonymous with courage, determination and a zest of “craziness” to dare to be oneself ... to have the strength to remain authentic and express without restraint your own colors, your uniqueness.